Zimbabwe…you need a miracle

I just read the folowing headines on a blog – ‘Mugabe rival quits election race’.   

In my last post I mentioned that we need a miracle over the soaring oil prices. Well Zimbabwe really needs a miracle if President Mugabe is to stay in power.



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Oil Prices are… we need a Miracle!

I spent the week searching the blogosphere and found a blog that got my attention. The blog is about an event taking place at the Excel Center London in June and it posts videos of previous meetings where the preacher healed people. Now, it’s easy to be sceptical but when you see the evidence the way these videos show it, it’s difficult to refute the miracles. Take a look yourself – especially the story on Fatima. The blog is http://nightofbliss.wordpress.com.

Talking about miracles we need one to arrest the soaring Oil prices. I look forward to the outcome of the Oil Summit of oil producing and consuming nations in Saudi Arabia to discuss soaring oil prices. The Saudi’s blame speculators for the soaring prices while the US and UK blame production not meeting demand. Let’s wait and see.

But whatever the reason, the effect of the soaring oil prices is being felt around the world. Vespa sales have shot up 25% in the last two months; quite a number of motorists have parked their cars in favour of moped/motor scooters. This is truly amazing – the last time there was a spike in moped sales in the States it was 1997! That’s saying something.

How have you been affected by the soaring oil prices? Share your experience and let’s see whether we can proffer a solution.








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Congratulations Senator Obama

I am glad that the Democratic Party has finally elected a Presidential Candidate – Congratulations Senator Barack Obama. Now we can get on with the main event – Republicans Versus Democrats. I look forward to the ‘battle’ to the Whitehouse as it is surely going to be some tough journey.

Back to my pet passion on Patriotism, I’m glad that the ‘recession’ everyone talked about is slow to catch up on us. Fewer jobs were lost last month and foreclosure is not so hot on everyone’s lips. The steep rise in the price of oil yesterday, however, is cause for concern and my hope is that our World leaders will take the necessary steps to curb it. The prediction by Goldman Sachs that prices could rise as high as $150 to $200 per barrel, possibly as soon as within the next six months, is something that should be taken seriously and dealt with.

What’s your take on the price of Oil and the effect it could have on the middle class American. Should we be concerned?


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The American Dream

America is a great country and I am concerned for her. Why? The American Economy is taking a battering right now and some parts of the world are feeling good that the Dollar is not worth as much as it used to be. I almost cried the day I watched on CNN a store owner put up a sign, ‘only Euros accepted here’– in the US of A! What happened to patronism? Home Owners have a new nightmare- ‘foreclosure‘. I actually cried the day I watched a couple in their 50’s show us their ‘new home’ – a trailer. They had owned a beautiful home and all their married years and had lived a good life. What about the home owners who set their homes ablaze hoping to claim insurance that would help them out of the foreclosure nightmare! We could point fingers and accuse them but can’t you feel their pain!


America has done SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for the rest of the world and though we may be angry that so much attention is on helping the rest of the world while America seems to be forgotten (I’ll not go onto the Iraq saga just yet), just remember that if American hadn’t done what it has done all these decades, the world would not be the place it is today – and we are part of that world. God bless America.


Now I tend to be opinionated about things I’m passionate about and I like to hear what others think about what I hold dear. Like the debate Senator Hillary Clinton challenged Senator Barack Obama to, I challenge you to debate this. Should we be concerned for America or should we say, serves her right? I invite your comments.



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